Lutheranism traces its origin to the work of Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk, priest, and theologian who sought to reform the practices of the Western church in the 16th century. The symbolic beginning of the Reformation occurred on October 31, 1517 when Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. Luther's ideas are generally held to have been a major foundation of the Protestant movement

It is important to remember our heritage, our "roots" as they have come to be known. It is important to remember that Christ’s United Lutheran Church is a united church. 

The present church takes its roots from four previous congregations. Let us briefly remember together.

Lutheranism first came into the West End of what is now Union County when Mr. George Ray donated an acre of his ground to the Lutheran and Presbyterian Societies in 1801. According to R. U B. Lincoln the Lutheran and Reformed congregations were organized about this time, exact date is not known. The present church was built on the same site and dedicated in 1852.

Laurelton was the second congregation organized. Again this land was donated for use by all Protestant denominations. In 1842, the deed was turned over to the Lutheran and Reformed congregations who jointly built another church. The only information on the beginning of the Hartleton church is again from Lincoln. He reports that Lutherans began holding services in the brick church in 1854.

The Hartleton congregation also built a new building which was dedicated in 1876.

The Final of the four congregations was the Swengel Church built in 1878 by a Baptist minister. The Lutheran congregation organized in 1886.

The synod proposed a merger of the four congregations under the direction of Dr. Tozer. A congregational meeting was set for July 18,1962, to be held at the West End Fair Ground. Following a picnic and discussion a vote for merger was taken and approval given. This was officially approved in August 1962. In June of 1963 the Rev. Emil Engelman became pastor. A new name was chosen, "Christ's United Lutheran Church." Land was purchased, and on May 29, 1965 ground was broken on the new building. This was done by having the congregation pull a plow, emphasizing the need for this new congregation to work together. On March 19,1967, the present church was dedicated.