Hope's Haven Food pantry

Christ's United Lutheran Church's congregational family reaches out to the community through "Hope's Haven Food Pantry".

Hope's Haven doors are open every Wednesday from 10 am until 11 am and visitors from Union County are welcome to register. We are currently operating as a Drive-Through Pantry.  Please stay in your car and line up.  Check in when it's your turn. Then pull ahead, and when your turn pull up to the pick-up door.  We will get you checked in; or registered if you are new.  Your food will be placed on the table and then you pick it up from the table and load it into your vehicle.

Grace, Graciousness and Gratitude form the basis for Hope's Haven as our congregational family Graciously donates non-perishable food items and our weekly visitors express their Gratitude as they share their smiles and stories with our volunteers. As God has given us the gift of Grace without our asking, and when we receive Grace unexpectedly, so too have we been able to share this ministry through our love, our time and our material possessions.

"It is in the giving that we receive"